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See yourself in University, gaining your degree, in the profession you want, with the qualifications you need, mentored, taught and coached by professional teachers. To help you. Studying should not be random. It should be organised, structured and you should be able to see progress. There are many different methods of effective studying all with the purpose of enabling the student/pupil to reach a definitive outcome-Achievement, Success and graduation. If the student/learner or pupil is serious about getting a good grade, then they have to be serious about the method of studying they need to do. Find out from the teacher about yor learning style. This will help in planning the study that is appropriate to the learning style. Studying involves biology, a lot of biology as well as psychology, a lot of psychology, discipline, determination, relaxation and confidence b uilding (could be classed as an outcome). HEre at the Aspire Academy & Tuition Centre, we concentrate on three of many study techniques, we call the 3Rs. simply put is based on Recall, Review and Repeat. While we appriciate that this method may not be suitable for all learning types/styles, we do belive it covers most of the study skills requirement. In itself the principles are very complex, because it involoves many components, such a: Cognitive Loading, consolidation, chunking, linkage, Context effectiveness, declarative memory, disirabole difficulties, domino principle, frequency effect, matching effect and hypercorrective effect.

The Aspire Academy & Tuition 3Rs study principles

RECALL: This is the retrival of information from long-term memory.  RECOGNITION: This is opposit to recall and is based on the awareness that you have seen or learnerd this information before. Multi choice tests assess recognition rather than recall.  REVIEW: A formal assessment of something with the intention of inistituiting change if necessary. It can also be a criutiacvl appraisal of a book, play or just looking at something with the view to making improvement. Or to look back over something.  REPEAT: To do or say something more than once until it is understood, learnt or mastered (rather like driving a car).