Aspire to Teaching and Learning For Our Learners

 Teachers must learn to let go of their learners, to let them learn. Parents must let go of their children, to enable them to discover and learn. Learning does not have a shape, it happens, often with the first 'why' that opens doors. The only real problem Aspire have with learning is...time. Aspirations takes time to evolve, grow, emerge or manifest, the process is scientifically, mathematically and dramatically interesting. Time is the barrier to the real learning exploration and so we and they aspire.

Preparing your child for 11 plus and Grammar school?

The Aspire Academy guide your child through the whole process of 11 plus examination and preparation. Our professional tutors will teach your child, all aspect of the 11 plus in all four subject areas: English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning, compulsory for the 11 plus exam. 

Aspire 3Rs Teaching, delivery and continious assessment

Your child will be taught using our 3Rs method, Review, Recall, Repeat, Redo, Recap, Remember, Rehearse and Revisit each topic to ensure learning has taken place.

Aspiration is necessary to succeed in all aspects of life

It is a fact that learners who set goals, who do extra studies for their GCSEs  are more confident, more likely to pass their exams and get better grades.

We believe in having good role models and mentors.

We believe it is essential that the educational lives of young people involves good role models and mentors to guide them in their decision making and to help them aspire to reach their potential. 

Jessica and Eric Huntley

Guyanese-born political activists, Jessica Huntley and Eric Huntley, founders of the publishing house Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications – named for Paul Bogle and Toussaint L’Ouverture, two instrumental figures in Black resistance and revolt against slavery – were collaborative community leaders who published a wide range of radical Black books, including greetings cards and posters reproducing contemporary paintings by artists, and seminal texts by writers from across the African diaspora.

For more than a half-century the Huntleys led and participated in many grassroots struggles for racial and social justice; were associated with the Black Parents’ Movement, campaigningagainst the controversial ‘sus’ (stop and search) laws, the supplementary school movement, the New Cross massacre action committee, the Keskidee Centre, Britain’s first African-Caribbean cultural centre, and the International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books. The Huntley 

Archives reveal Eric and Jessica’s resistance against oppression, fascism and racism – illustrated by the depth and breadth of their political activism and cultural activities.

FHALMA is a charity that builds awareness of Black heritage, sharing histories and inspiring learning about history, education and culture found in the various Huntley Collections at London Metropolitan Archives.

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Jessica Huntley and Eric Huntley -The Huntley Archives tell brave stories of community activism, commitment and creativity in shaping the emergence of Black Britain. Our audience is intergenerational. Our reach is transnational. 

The Huntley Archives underpin the story of the changing British cultural landscape and the creation of a new form of community activism.

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No Colour Bar: Black British Art in Action 1960 –1990, one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of Black British art in recent years, examining the space for Black arts and cultural practices in Britain; against oppression injustice and racism, political violence and inequality; while embracing new internationalism through solidarity, collaboration and creativity - £19.99

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In 2005 they deposited their business and personal papers, at the City of London | London Metropolitan Archives (LMA). With LMA’s partnership and support, the highly successful annual Huntley conferences have provided rich, academic, cultural content delivering radical socio-political narratives that reveal hidden heartbeats about the wider stories of migration and the founding of Black Britain.

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Classical Splendour: Roots of Black History: A Comprehensive Guide to the Ancient and Medieval History of Africa.

Robin Walker is a celebrated and prolific writer on African and Black history. In 1999 Walker wrote Classical Splendour: Roots of Black History and was first published by BLP. Walker started as economist, attending the London School of Economics, and 1991 and 1992, he studied African World Studies with Dr Femi Biko and later with Mr Kenny Bakie.


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Black Teacher

Beryl Gilroy, the pioneering writer, teacher and ethno-psychotherapist of the ‘Windrush generation’, was born in 1924 in British Guiana, where during her twenties she trained and worked as teacher, arriving in London in 1952. Initially, however, the prejudice and racism of her prospective employees prevented her from securing a teaching post.


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Doing Nothing Is Not An Option: The Radical Lives of Eric & Jessica Huntley

“In the telling of the story of struggles for Black community in 20th century Britain, the names of Jessica and Eric Huntley loom large. They began as frontline fighters against colonialism and imperialism in their native Guyana, and translated that activism to combating racism and injustice when they moved to London in the 1950s.