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Small groups focuses on learners and inspires learning

At the Aspire Academy and Tuition, we aim to inspire our learners and help them aspire to achieving their learning goals. We have 10 solutions to learning success. 

Solution 1 

At the Aspire Academy and Tuition Centre, the teacher decides on the model required to engage the student to learn by encouraging independent learning and thinking. 

Solution 2 

The Aspire Academy and Tuition is learner friendly and is able to meet the challenges of learners who need support and encouragement. 

Solution 3 

The Aspire Academy and Tuition is well able to provide personalised one to one and small group supported learning, to help build learners confidence and self esteem. 

Solution 4 

The Aspire Academy and Tuition aims to inspire and encourage learners towards achieving excellent maths, science and English grades to ensure progress towards meeting career or higher study goals and objectives at all levels, irrespective of age, previous knowledge, experience or qualifications. 

Solution 5 

At the Aspire Academy and Tuition Centre, we endeavour to explore ways and methods to bring maths into everyday lives and language. By applying rote and Mnemonic learning methods and practice, we encourage learning and the development of a positive mindset. We aim to create familiarity by building awareness of maths on a daily basis. 

Solution 6 

The Aspire Academy and Tuition provides learners with the opportunity to aspire, to achieve, while training learners to focus, listen, pay attention and follow instructions. 

Solution 7 

The Aspire Academy and Tuition teaches maths, English and science, making maths, science and English learning easy, with the use of visual aids and electronic resources. 

Solution 8 

The Aspire Academy and Tuition inspires, mentors, coaches and supports cognitive development to facilitate learning.  

Solution 9

The Aspire Academy and Tuition prepares learners through formative test and summative skill, continuous practice (homework) as the ultimate to achieving good-'A' star qualifications or grades. 

Solution 10 

Flexible lesson planning, to meet learners needs, gives structure to learning by teaching through Q & A, discussion, debates, expression of views and opinions, sharing and peer learning against which success can be measured. Students learn over time to take responsibility for their own learning.